We made it to here!

We’ve all been through so much in recent years. We’ve navigated unchartered territory. We’ve lived with anxiety and tiredness. We’ve learnt new lessons about resilience, adaptability and community. We’ve re-examined priorities and questioned things we took for granted. From the global pandemic, to national tragedies and personal challenges, it has been a stretching season.

I’ve been away over the past few days with my Leadership Team colleagues at Baptist Mission Australia. We came together as a new leadership team in March 2020. Within a few days our Melbourne office had closed. Across the world we were all talking about “unprecedented” times. Our team faced some tough and stressful times. I wondered if there would still be an organisation to lead!

Over the past few days we’ve paused to remember how we moved through this season together. We’ve listed wins and reflected on things we would do differently. Most of all, we’ve reminded ourselves, with the help of a wonderful Will Small poem, that “we made it to here” and that’s so worth marking and celebrating!

What about you? Beyond the pandemic, I’m sure in your life, family, leadership and sphere of influence there have been high and lows, unexpected challenges, times of pain and disappointment, mountain top moments and deep valleys. And yet you to have made it to here! Don’t forget that. You have made it to here!

I know – like many of you – I’ve needed to lead in a season of uncertainty and ambiguity and seek as best as possible to come to the table with a non-anxious presence. I’m stilling learning to do life with chronic pain. And as I look ahead in my line of work there are many big challenges to navigate in a changing world.

But today with colleagues, that I have the privilege of leading alongside, it has been important to pause. It’s been precious to look back, remember, reflect and catch our breath. It has been wonderful to be led by the words of Will Small:

“Deep breaths now, One step at a time.
Up these mountains we climb.
We made it to here.”

Maybe today, it will do you good to pause and reflect on where you have made it to in your life, relationship, family or work. You’ve made it to here! Celebrate that. Recognise your resilience. Remember you are not alone as the journey continues.

** Thanks to the inspiration Will Small – “Poems for when the world is Ending”.

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