We made it to here!

We’ve all been through so much in recent years. We’ve navigated unchartered territory. We’ve lived with anxiety and tiredness. We’ve learnt new lessons about resilience, adaptability and community. We’ve re-examined priorities and questioned things we took for granted. From the global pandemic, to national tragedies and personal challenges, it has been a stretching season. I’ve … Continue reading We made it to here!

What should Christians do about guns?

“I know of churches that would never hire a pastor who smoked but have shooting events at their yearly men’s retreats. I know Christian parents who warn their kids about the dangers of marijuana use but don’t hesitate to buy them firearms. I know conservative people of faith who affirm the need for legal and … Continue reading What should Christians do about guns?


Sent.Not to holy huddles,Not to chapels of comfort,Not to houses of homogeneity,Not to platforms of power,Not to celebrity circuits,Not to discriminating dogmas,Not to arenas of arrogance,Not to prosperity parade,Not to self-serving sanctuaries. No, Risen Christ, remind me on this Easter Monday, you send me, in humility, into the messiness of this world, to uncomfortable places, … Continue reading Sent!

Aboriginal Sunday Prayer

My prayer on Aboriginal Sunday 2023, written on Wurundjeri country. “Lord I confess that it’s all too easy to take for granted my white privilege and the comforts and position it brings me. I confess my pride, apathy, blindness and greed. I confess those innate things within me that hinder justice, fairness and reconciliation. Break my … Continue reading Aboriginal Sunday Prayer