Thank God for places green!

Thank God for places green!

The older I get the more I appreciate them, the more I need them, the more I yearn to be immersed in them again.

Bush tracks in suburbia, familiar winding dirt trails in my own neighbourhood that nurture refreshment, renewal and much-needed rhythms.

Inner-city grassed squares, small spaces to pause on a bench, read a page or two, feel the briskness of the air and simply catch my breath.

The vastness of the forest, where day to day problems can so quickly fade against a backdrop of sheer beauty and size.

Big urban parks, oases of silence and colour in the midst of traffic, buildings and busyness.

Rocky paths and slippery stairs in the ranges, that lead to waterfalls, rocks to climb and caves to explore.

Hidden gardens, where you can “smell the roses” and slow down enough to see bees and hear birds.

School ovals, where the “Swans” can take on “Richmond” and “grand finals” can be won and lost and the old man can still show the kids a tick or two.

Country town walks, past old buildings and quaint cottages, crossing a swinging river bridge and discovering a hidden gem cafe or a small back-blocks winery.

Riverbank walks, where the kids can climb trees, skim rocks, get mud on their shoes and celebrate simple pleasures.

And even a small front yard – yes, even a very small patch of green – where, when it’s bucketing down, you can dance in the rain!

I’m so fortunate to live in a place where there is so much green spaces to enjoy, so many new places to keep discovering. I’m so thankful for the difference these green places – large and small – make in my life; refreshing my soul.

Where are your favourites? Where do you keep going back to? Where would you like to go? What are the places you’re thankful for?

Thank God for places green – places to breathe, places to come alive again!

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