The day after


So the election is run and won and I’m home fighting of “man flu”. As I lay in bed sipping chicken soup I’ve been pondering the following ten things we can all do the day after the election:

1. We can, to quote a good man, Andrew Palmer, remember that “democracy is a beautiful beast. And only part of an answer to how to live well and love our neighbour.”

2. We can choose not to arrogantly gloat in victory, or bemoan and blame others in loss, but we can choose to actively stand against our current toxic body politic and seek real change, beginning with the tone of our social media posts.

3. We can write to Mr Morrison, Mr Shorten and our Local MP, as I have felt compelled to do today. [I will post these letters later]. I am just one ordinary person, but we can all have a voice.

4. We can invite someone to our table who doesn’t share our opinions and model a commitment to greater understanding and genuine consensus.

5. We can review the issues that were most important to us, whether we voted Coalition, Labor, Green or Independent, etc, and we can ask ourselves what is one practical and sustaining difference I can make in this domain over the next 12 months.

6. Whatever our politics, we can’t ignore the reality of climate change and we can each seek to make practical changes in our own lives and encourage an end to the political divide on this make or break issue.

7. We can celebrate our freedoms and choose to stand with those living in political and religious oppression, forced slavery and refugee camps around the world. Jump online and find an organisation that you can engage in.

8. We sadly live in a divided Australia. At work, uni, on the train tomorrow, on Facebook and Insta, in conversations in the school quadrangle and local shopping centre, we can model a different way – seeking top practically live as reconcilers and bridge builders.

9. We can be inspired again by the likes of Martin Luther King Jnr who powerfully pointed out in a divided, messy and broken world that there is a higher order at work: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”.

10. If you are praying person you can sincerely uphold the new Government and our Prime Minister; not praying with political motivation, but genuinely seeking the good of the Morrison Government for all Australians.

And PS: you can always have one more democracy sausage for the road tonight while I eat my “man flu” chicken soup.

2 thoughts on “The day after

  1. Thank you, yet again for your wise words. Throughout the day, today I have been conscious of a quiet stirring of hope as I have sensed that this is the time for us/me as those who love the Lord to seek ways to be his hands, his feet and indeed his voice in a much wider context than our own immediate context of the neighbourhood and church which we attend. I found your thoughts very helpful. Blessings Frances


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