Aboriginal Sunday Prayer

My prayer on Aboriginal Sunday 2023, written on Wurundjeri country. “Lord I confess that it’s all too easy to take for granted my white privilege and the comforts and position it brings me. I confess my pride, apathy, blindness and greed. I confess those innate things within me that hinder justice, fairness and reconciliation. Break my … Continue reading Aboriginal Sunday Prayer

A moment to be seized

What a privilege to have walked this week on Gurindji country. What a privilege to have walked this week on Gurindji Country. Before me each day was beauty and brokenness. The beauty of humble, inspiring, resilient First Nations’ people and their wonderful lands, hills, rivers and creeks. And yet the brokenness of injustice, disadvantage and … Continue reading A moment to be seized

A beautiful invitation

As I was driving today, listening to the radio, a well-known non-Aboriginal commentator admitted he could name many great Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander football players. “But I have to say, I need to go back and learn a lot more about important, historic indigenous issues.” The commentator's honest reflection came on this weekend's AFL’s … Continue reading A beautiful invitation

It starts with me!

I’m white, male, middle-aged and privileged, in the midst of a broken, hurting, unjust world. This reality can all too easily lead me towards comfortable choices, unhelpful attitudes and patronising positions. And that's why I know I need to keep praying: "Lord, change me!" I'm sure like me you've been dismayed by another horrible example … Continue reading It starts with me!

A new song to sing together!

Stan Grant has become one of our nation's leading and most respected voices. The award-winning journalist and proud Wiradjuri man speaking about Australia Day says that "we are still to find a song we can all sing". What a powerful metaphor to reflect on this long weekend. Surely with mature debate, compassion and courage we … Continue reading A new song to sing together!