Aboriginal Sunday Prayer

My prayer on Aboriginal Sunday 2023, written on Wurundjeri country. “Lord I confess that it’s all too easy to take for granted my white privilege and the comforts and position it brings me. I confess my pride, apathy, blindness and greed. I confess those innate things within me that hinder justice, fairness and reconciliation. Break my … Continue reading Aboriginal Sunday Prayer

A beautiful invitation

As I was driving today, listening to the radio, a well-known non-Aboriginal commentator admitted he could name many great Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander football players. “But I have to say, I need to go back and learn a lot more about important, historic indigenous issues.” The commentator's honest reflection came on this weekend's AFL’s … Continue reading A beautiful invitation

The richness of poor man’s food

Last night my hosts in Roma wanted to make sure I finished my stay in the “eternal city” with two special Italian street foods – one, suppli, to farewell Roma and the other, farinata, to introduce me to where I find myself tonight, the stunning Ligurian coast. Both dishes could be historically described as “poor … Continue reading The richness of poor man’s food