Not to holy huddles,
Not to chapels of comfort,
Not to houses of homogeneity,
Not to platforms of power,
Not to celebrity circuits,
Not to discriminating dogmas,
Not to arenas of arrogance,
Not to prosperity parade,
Not to self-serving sanctuaries.

No, Risen Christ, remind me on this Easter Monday, you send me, in humility, into the messiness of this world, to uncomfortable places, to obscure places, to ordinary places, to places the world consider insignificant, to places you graced with your presence.

Remind me I am sent, not in my own strength, not needing all the answers, not with a neatly packaged theology, not to people just like me, not to advance my name, not for my own glory. Sent humbly into messiness and ordinariness, with what you’ve placed in my hands and heart, for the sake of others, for your glory!

Only possible as your Spirit is at work in me.

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