Aboriginal Sunday Prayer

My prayer on Aboriginal Sunday 2023, written on Wurundjeri country.

“Lord I confess that it’s all too easy to take for granted my white privilege and the comforts and position it brings me. I confess my pride, apathy, blindness and greed. I confess those innate things within me that hinder justice, fairness and reconciliation.

Break my heart afresh as your heart is broken to see the continuing suffering, pain, injustice and disadvantage that First Nations’ people experience.

Open my heart anew so that I may hear the message you teach of a world in which wrongs are faced, painful truths are confronted and forgiveness is offered. So that the possibility of new days may be realised.

Lord burn in my heart a desire for justice, peace and reconciliation. Not mere nice words but genuine, practical action that inspires hope and change.

Lord open my heart again to see the possibility of a nation where reconciled people listen, learn and walk together into a new future.

Lord open my eyes and ears to marvel at the beauty, creativity, passion, gifts, courage, resilience, knowledge, wisdom, spirituality, leadership, stories, hopes and dreams of First Nations’ people. Allow to deeply appreciate and value their love for the land, rivers, seas, creeks, mountains and deserts across this vast country of many First Nations’ countries.

Holy Spirit give me the courage to speak and stand against systemic racism and the wedge of fear politics. Encourage me to continue to humbly come to the table that I may listen and learn from First Nations’ people. That we may share stories, weep together, laugh together and pray together.

God of this ancient Great Southern Land, may we as a nation find ways together to forgive and heal and create a path of good will, justice and compassion for all.


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