Herods come, Herods go!

Seduced by ego

Charmed by power.

Threatened by opposition, captivated by pride

Fearing anyone who might steal the limelight

Herod – the self-consumed King

I dare look inside my life again

And while I may prefer to ignore it

I see some Herod in me

I can seek to excuse myself 

“I haven’t slaughtered innocents” 

But wait a minute, 

Yes, the same self-consuming spirit beckons me.

We all have some Herod in us

Fiercely protecting what we see is ours

Holding tight fisted to control 

Not wanting others to get in the way

Clinging to self, at the expense of love.

Herods are everywhere

In all domains of life, including the Church

Personal kingdom builders 

Self absorbed leaders

People chasing their own agendas

Expediently treading on those that get in the way

Often ruthless

Often offended.


And into such a world, caught up with itself 

Love with skin on comes to town

A back-block born babe

Soon a refugee, on the run with his parents

Humble. Not seeking the spotlight

At home with those pushed to the margins 

At home with those the religious shunned 

The very opposite to Herod 

A most unexpected King

The Servant King.

Who loves us like no other

Who esteems us with service 

Who beckons us into brokenness and injustice 

Who calls us from comfort to the needs of others 

Who sends us to the margins

Who fills us with hope.

In a world so often dominated by Herods

The scandal of Christmas remains 

God is transforming the world 

Through the humble and ordinary 

Through the broken and weak

Through the least likely

Herods will come, Herods will go. 

Love remains. 

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