The in-between days


The in-between day

They were shattered, broken

They were uncertain, fearful

They were cynical, questioning

They were grieving, numb  

They were longing, yearning 

They didn’t know what was next

It was the in-between day! 

And here I am, 

So far removed from that Saturday

And yet with so many in-between days in my life

Days of uncertainty, days of fear

Days of questioning, days of waiting  

Days of pain, days of persevering 

Days of silence, days of searching

Days where my brokenness is so, very real to me

Days where I wonder what is happening in our world 

Days of heartache looking at places like Ukraine, or injustice close to home 

Days of holding to faith, holding to dreams

Cling to the possibility of change

Holding, waiting, yearning, in-between times

And yes, tomorrow will come for them

It will come so unexpectedly

It will come with surprise

It will come and change everything, as they piece it all together

As they see the now and not yet

And yes, it has come from me

Time and time again. 


Hope for every in-between moment 

Hope in every dark day 

Hope in every beyond me day 

Hope in the bloodied lamb who kept his promise to be the Good Shepherd. 

Hope as the Shepherd leads me through dark valleys

Through detours and disappointments

Through the now and not yet

Hope in the One who is alongside me in every in-between day

In every in-between moment

The one who bridges the gap and sends me out into this in-between world

As an agent of in-between hope!

Hope for today with Sunday coming!

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