God save us!

Palm Sunday, palm leaves. The chorus of “Hosanna” and the prayer “God save us”.

God save us from the barbaric evil we see in Ukraine. And from the hatred we can foster and hide in our own hearts.

Save us from seeing skin colour, rather than a person’s dignity. And from judging ethnicity through the lens of stereotype.

God save us from the lies told about refugees and asylum seekers. And from shutting our doors and closing tables, to people not like us.

Save us from blindly talking about LGBTQI issues. Rather than warmly welcoming and loving LGBTQI people. 

God save us from assumptions built on ignorance. And from dressing up theology to shadow bigotry.

Save us from closing our eyes to First Peoples’ disadvantage. And from all forms of racism, which can creep its way into our lives.

God save us from gender bias. And from standing by and not calling out all forms of abuse.

Save us from blind, ignorant nationalism. And from living comfortably with government policies that exploit others.

Save us from the seductive pull of consumerism. And lives shaped by flawed views of success and worth. 

God save us from chasing power and a name for ourselves. And from safe living, sheltered in our comfort-zone.

Save us from speaking when we need to be silent. And from saying silent when we need to heard.

God save us from malice and bitterness. And hearts hardened by unforgiveness.

God save and keep saving us!

Save me from my ego. Save me from my pride. Save me from apathy. Save me from greed. Save me from myself.

And save me, and send me, with courage and faith to purse shalom in this beautiful, but broken world!

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