Lockdown opportunities:

We begin a season of heightened restrictions in Melbourne again tonight. How might we respond?

With authenticity: Embracing the emotional rollercoaster of these unusual days, reaching out to others and valuing the support of others speaking into our lives.

With lament: Seeing afresh the pain and tragedy of this pandemic across the globe and praying: “God help us.”

With kindness: Being good to each other, caring for our neighbours, practising unsolicited acts of kindness.

With acknowledgement: Reminding ourselves that our Premier and other leaders are navigating in unchartered territory. It’s so easy in life to cynical and throw stones, but it does nothing to build community.

With heartache: Realising the financial and emotional impact of the lockdown on many small businesses that were just getting back on their feet.

With generosity – Seeking to support local hospitality, giving a good tip when we buy a coffee or take-away, not resorting to panic buying, turning from attitudes of greed, being generous in our attitude to others in these stretching times. 

With perspective: Seeing that what we face is small in comparison to what so many more live with across the globe where COVID is piled on top of many other injustices and inequities. 

With gratitude: Intentionally choosing to be thankful despite the circumstances, affirming each day the many things we can be thankful for.

With grace: Giving others some extra grace, some extra space, realising we are all dealing with different stressors; being ready to forgive and encourage others.

With humility: Throughout this year I have been reminded that I’m not in control. This is humbling, but helpful. It changes how I see myself, others and the world around me. It challenges me to lean on a good Father who is in control and value what matters most.

With unity: We’re in this together; let’s get through this next challenging season together! We will be better people as a result.

With a learning posture: We’ve all been learning valuable life lessons in this “re-set” season; what new things can we learn about life, ourselves, others and the world around us in the next six weeks?

With wisdom: I’ve just returned from NSW and have been saddened and surprised by some comments I’ve heard about Victorians. We’re in this together as a nation. Let’s be cautious and wise and remember that this pandemic could spike again anywhere. Let’s remember – “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

With a recipe book: Celebrating the joy of food, creating a new dish, trying new things [and telling the kids that their home-made cakes and biscuits are “amazing” with a smile on our face!]

With crisp air: Catching our breath and letting go of our worries as we walk the block, go for a run, ride our bike, kick a footy with the kids and feel the freshness and crispness of Winter in Melbourne.

With faith and hope: The Psalmist powerfully penned that he was walking through the valley. It wasn’t his final destination. God had new things ahead. We can look beyond the pandemic with faith and hope.

We can get through this again together! Let’s be good to each other!

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